Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcome 2015!

Happy New Year to you from us!

We spent the evening at Darin & Kyla's (new) house to ring in the new year. There was yummy food galore (even little crescent buns shaped to read "2015"), fun games like 7 wonders, ticket to ride, and the invention game, and awesome people to justify staying up till midnight. Then a handful of us stayed up until 2am, trying to chat coherently without our eyes going crossed.

I'm glad to put 2014 behind me ... I feel like it was definitely time to wrap it up and send it away. There was good and bad, wonderful and difficult (more on that later), but I'm always glad for a distinct opportunity to have a fresh start. Such as a new year can bring!

Wishing you all joy in the new year ahead of you :)

Friday, June 20, 2014

Kayman, the Great Dane!

Kayman was born on Feb. 26 2012.  I got lucky when looking for a Great Dane because all I was finding were pups that were anywhere from $500 to $1000.  I checked out all sorts of kennels and different adoption websites looking for a pure breed.  At last someone contacted my craigslist add in reference to me wanting a pure breed Great Dane.  They had 2 pups left and needed to get rid of them before they got much older.  I offered my price and they accepted it...well under what I was expecting!  I drove to a farm that had 5  adult Great Dane's about 45 min away.  The mother came up barking her head off and I about turned around and headed back home...then the dad came to the other side of the door.  He weighed 165 lbs. and was 7 years old. He was huge!  Once I got out of the van they immediately gave me a sniff down and were the most friendly dogs I had ever met!  Kayman came running up to me right away and I knew which one I had to take.  I really liked the spotted one but Kayman's black and white spots were much prettier! Here are some pictures to detail him growing up and getting used to some special additions to the mix!  The boys, especially Brayden, have fallen in love with having the woof woof around!  Kayman has responded amazing towards the boys!  Thanks for checking this out...there are some pictures of the boys to make everyone happy! Sorry for so many pictures!
By the way, we have joined Instagram so that is probably why there are not as many posts here on our blog!
Young Kayman on the left
Young Kayman on the left

Brayden comparing paws

He likes to sit indian/human style sometimes

He sort of fits in the SUV

Picture time!  

Brayden's favorite playmate besides Cooper

Here, eat a stick!  

Im guarding them with all my life! 

I'll just lay here while you trample me

Ok, enough already

We all STILL fit in the SUV

Helping dad build somthing 

Smell the flowers!  

Im lazy!  

Whenever the window is down...My head is out!

My new dog house!  It's a bit small

Traveled to see mom in Illinois

Met mom for the first time

Uncle Chet tagged along

This is where I first learned how to play catch

I was a little less than 130 lbs. then

Helping mom n dad move in!

Look how big I am now!  
Sign reads: No Horses On Bridge

I love walking along the bridge!  

Im extremely lazy sometimes!

I have 2 pretty good friends to keep me busy

These guys always pester me! 

Im smiling!

You aint going anywhere!

Dad made my dog house look hideous! 

I guess I have to pose

On the bridge again

I got this

Need a saddle? 

Little Kayman and his new bed

Little Kayman enjoying Illinois

Little Kayman's first bath

I was an inside dog for about a week! 

Little Kayman showing his size!

Camping out

Destroyed a hay bale to make his own bed

Im too lazy to chase you

Hook me up...I'll pull them

Im sitting like a human again!

Big stretch! 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

a pretty "OK" birthday weekend

We promised ourselves at the beginning of the year that we wouldn't travel quite as much this year as we did last year ... As it turns out, if we want to spend time with family and friends, that puts traveling in the equation. So far this year, the twins and I have been to MI and TN and all 4 of us have been to OK, and I have a feeling we are just getting started!

Our most recent (big) trip was down to my brother's house in Oklahoma to join in on the celebration of our niece Alivia's 4th birthday. It was such an enjoyable time! When the boys weren't napping on the drive there and back, they happily kept entertained with this or that -- a little different than how it used to be!! The art-themed birthday party was quite a success, complete with a rainbow cake, rice crispy paintbrushes, and finger painting.

My dad (Papa, according to the grandkids) flew in Sunday afternoon and Ryker had Monday off school, so we stayed through Monday afternoon and got to spend a little more quality time with the family.

*OK Trip Pics *

McDonald's for supper on the trip down
B wants to know, "Mom, why did you put me in this crazy clown's lap??"

going for a tractor ride

discovering an outdoor play set just their size

smushed into a 1-person cozy coupe

... B did not approve

the birthday girl on her new bicycle!

big boy bike.. matching helmet.. will ride.

wondering what to do with a ball that is not round

Papa regulating the slide rides

frolicking in the awesome spring weather :)


"Here, Uncle Nate, eat this weed I picked for you."